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Three-By theme, by Tradesouthwest, brings a simple and delightful experience to your website and its visitors.

Rain Ripples
Raindrop ripples on a pond

Although most all of your visitors that we know of, are from the planet Earth, you never know who may appreciate your blog once this lovely theme gets exported to outer space via the electronic transmission wavelengths of the Internet.

TSW Three By has two sidebars and a center column for content. Features custom header, background and imported font styles. Footer and header are full width. Menu is drop down pure CSS. Option to change background color of right sidebar; remove title and metadata from home-page article as well as add footer social links and phone number inserts. The comment section features a toggle that can hide or show the comment form. Note custom header image only appears on pages, not post.

Option to not display admin login nickname on posts. Runs on minimal files structure which is an altruistic way to run a blog that requires fast load times. Header and background images changeable. Footer widgets all display in a horizontal layout. Removable Search Bar, Page Width for Desktop, Side Pull-out Navigation on mobile.

Scheduler theme designed for VertyCal Scheduler plugin

Theme is built to support VertyCal plugin but can be used for any purpose. Options include Removable Search Bar, Page Width for Desktop, Side Pull-out Navigation on mobile, Google Font Muli can be easily swapped out for other fonts, Custom Logo supported, Remove MetaData Headings, Remove Header altogether to make more room for VertyCal or any mobile plugin.

four mars
Terra-forming of Mars – Everything Takes Time