SEM ~ Semantics Elements Markup

The semantic elements of HTML5 that help define individual parts of the web page are used on this page to create a webpage, without use of any div tags or classes. The element tags are styled and then are 'painted' to the page using only HTML5 tags therefore leaving the page free of any over-use of code. Less code, better SEO.

Please Note that this practice is not recommended for any professional production level Website. You may pass W3C Validation but it is not guaranteed that all associated markup of the 'SEM' style will be universally accepted.

Note: Aside is semantically ordered as an 'aside', meaning it is reserved for smaller bits of information directly associated with the Article div content and using it as a separted content div may be breaking this HYML5 rule if the content in the Aside element is NOT associated with the Article content. In My Humble Opinion, I would say it will pass semantics if the Aside is used for something other than related content... eg, Ads or unrelated links.